Why We Love Your Yard As Much As You Do

At Plantenance, we’ve been going strong for over 35 years now -three and a half amazing decades of doing what we truly love. A major part of designing and building award-winning landscapes relies on our relationship with our clients, or rather, with the families who trust our workmanship to improve their quality of life for years to come.  Here’s how we do it.

Measure A Hundred Times, Cut Once

We’re big on planning. Very big. From the get-go, we ensure our clients are included in every aspect of the creation (except for all the grunt work, of course!). And we’re huge believers in updating our clients constantly, so the only surprise they get is just how much more enjoyable life is with a remodelled back yard.


Capturing your dreams in detailed 2D design.

Only The Best In Everything

Cutting corners is a cardinal sin of the landscaping world; our designs are beautiful, and they’re meant to stay that way. We back up our work with only the most passionate, talented team, state-of-the-art equipment, quality materials and a rock-solid warranty.


Design + Inspiration Centre -Outdoor Spaces Build 14-c.jpg

The right tool for the job, always.


Maintaining Trust

We’re with clients every step of the way until the final reveal, and then some! We offer highly skilled maintenance to ensure your yard looks picture perfect years after we’ve remodelled it, and we maintain contact with our clients long after we’ve left them to sip mojitos on their new patio to ensure they’re satisfied.



‘Talented, professional and passionate’ can be used to describe any member of our team!


If you’d like to experience speaking to landscaping experts with an excellent history of customer trust, quality workmanship and a positive customer experience, check us out at plantenance.com or give us a call at (514) 684-8235 or 1-888-9PLANTE. We’d love hear your garden remodelling ideas!


It Pays To Invest In Landscaping

Invest in landscaping

Whether you’re investing in a Landscaping remodel or update, Carson Arthur, outdoor design and lifestyle expert, supports what Plantenance has been touting for years; it’s a wise investment for homeowners.

While it can be confusing for homeowners to decide the best return on investment is when it comes to outdoor renovations, they can expect a 7%-15% increase in home value… This can mean $21,000 for the average Canadian home, just for updated curb appeal.

Remodeling Magazine has just published a study, putting outdoor renos ahead of indoor ones in their Top 5 Improvements for 2015. Homeowners are definitely catching onto the idea that the outside of the house should indicate what potential buyers would discover inside!

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Top 5 Patio Trends for 2015

What’s hot in patios for 2015 (other than the weather, of course)? Here’s what your urban oasis needs to boost your relaxation to the next level.









1. Lanterns and lights

Rustic contemporary is huge this year, and lanterns are an easy way to add some old world charm to a remodelled yard, both during the day, and at night.








2. Stone and wood

Mixing and matching stone and wood is something we’ve got a lot of experience with – because it works well. The contrast adds focal interest, to a yard, and gives the impression of separate outdoor ‘rooms’.











3. Fire pits 

This meshes well with Canadian weather, and can be used year-round, so we’re glad outdoor fire pits are catching on (see what we did there?).










4. Wicker and Cloth
Sectionals are in this year, and we hope this trend is here to stay. If you’re not going with upholstered (you heard us) outdoor furniture, pile on the throws and cushions!








5. Outdoor Kitchens & Al Fresco Dining
Why slave over an outdoors-worthy meal from the indoors, when you can enjoy the process, basking in Vitamin D?  Cooking outdoors isn’t just an occasional BBQ phenomenon with this hot (literally) trend.

Landscaping – A 150% Return On Investment

A newly released Houzz Survey indicates that up to 50% of U.S. homeowners plan to remodel within the next two years to add value to their homes – and this time, they’re thinking outside the box.

A press release article from  EP Henry cites a study by RealEstate.com, which underlines the fact that landscaping and hardscaping can deliver a return on investment as impressive as 150 percent, making landscaping projects a top priority on the Home Reno To-Do list.

“When I bring a buyer to a home that features state-of-the-art landscaping and elements like a fire pit and high-end pavers, there’s an immediate assumption that the inside of the house will be as spectacular as the outside,” said John Duffy of Duffy Real Estate. “Now we have research that shows that homebuyers will pay a premium for a nicely landscaped property, particularly one that features elements like an outdoor fireplace and finishes in stone or brick.

“The new mantra in home buying is location, location, landscape.”

RealEstate.com goes on to provide some impressive data: for every dollar spent remodelling a yard or outdoor space, homeowners can expect to get back 60 cents to two dollars… A pretty great return, considering they’re not accounting for the hours of relaxation spent outdoors (think of it as saving on spa dates!). On a $500,000 home, that’s up to 14% of the home’s resale value, or close to $75,000.

The most in-demand items when it comes to your backyard oasis?

  • Outdoor fireplaces or fire pits
  • Covered outdoor dining areas and outdoor kitchens
  • Stone veneer sitting walls
  • Patio pavers

Basically, the trend seems to lean heavily towards making the yard an extension to the house; an addition without fewer walls, and no roof. And homeowners are turning towards experts in the field for answers; the Houzz survey indicated that 70% of homeowners hire a landscaper or a landscaper architect – a huge turnaround from the DIY mind-set of the earlier 2000’s.

Contact us today at 1.999.9PLANTE or 1.888.975.2683 to book your project consultation at our Client Centre and discover how the Plantenance team of landscape designers and craftsmen can create your perfect outdoor living space.

11 Ways to Add Curb Appeal for Under $100

Curb appeal; it’s an important part of selling your home… But why wait to move out to make your stoop as welcoming as it can be?

Whether you’ve just had it remodelled or want to spruce up your current look, here are a few quick tips to add a touch of class to your abode. New street digits, clean windows, a new coat of paint and much more can be had for 100$ or less.

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After the Fall, Make Your Garden The Loveliest of Them All!

Winter blues bringing you down when you look outside and see nothing but grey and brown? Find safe haven in your garden; with a little planning, it can be as enchanting beneath a blanket of snow as it is beneath the summer sun!

Fairytale toolsheds are possible; maintain a clean exterior structure, and use it as a backdrop for a few fine-feathery grasses. These will give a softer texture to your garden, and will look lovely powdered with a fine layer of snow.

Arches, pergolas, pavilions and arbors Add height to your garden, and focus the eye towards a well-designed focal point, drawing it away from less decorated areas of the garden. If you are able to see through the frame, they will look ethereal in the frost, especially flanked with feathery long-grass and low shrubs.

Outdoor museum; sculptures and works of art will stand out even more in the wintertime. Make sure they are offset by shrubs or grasses, not hidden by them. Choose subdued tones, as too many bright colors may clash with the soft, natural colors surrounding them.

Take a seat; while you may not be as tempted to sit down to read a book in the winter time, a weather-protected bench can add panache to a garden. Hang a solar lantern above it, and it will create the illusion of relaxation without you having to brave the cold!

Leave room for your feathered friends! A few antique birdhouses in natural tones will add charm to a garden, while providing visiting birds with a place to weather the storm. Keep them close enough to the house so that you can casually observe their inhabitants.

Add a splash of red for visual interest. While keeping your yard in natural hues is a safe way to go, you may want to spruce it up a little with some Winterberry plants; these hardy shrubs will harbor bright red berries and attract even brighter birds to your yard during the icy season.

Bring the outdoors inside. Keep the exotic potted plants you’ve brought indoors as soon as the temperature dipped beneath 10ºC near windows. They’ll create a bright contrast to the white world outdoors, and they’ll benefit from the extra sunlight.

Looking to set up a garden as beautiful in the winter time as it is in the summer? Give us a call at Plantenance and it will be our pleasure to help!

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Don’t let your landscape dreams hibernate this winter!

So you’ve finally decided to landscape your property. Maybe you’ve recently purchased a new home and don’t know where to begin, especially if your present yard consists of nothing more than miscellaneous building debris, assorted rocks and just plain dirt.

Or perhaps you’re still somewhat uncertain as to what to do with the so-called “Landscaping” that you unwillingly inherited from the previous owners.

The secret to any truly successful landsca­pe project, one that adds to the enjoyment of your home and pro­perty by making it more attractive and functional, but can actually enhance the value of your home investment, is to first prepare a landscape design plan.

While it is true that most people who have some form of gardening experience are capa­ble of designing their own landscape with generally positive results, few homeowners possess enough knowledge and experience in creative design, horticulture, construction, soil sciences and site surveying, to effectively make the most of a given site.

When you consider that a well crafted landscape design or plan is crucial to the success of entire  landscaping process, it is advisable to consult with a professional such as a landscape architect, design/build firm or designer, to provide you with a set of finished drawings, plant lists or construction details appropriate for your particular dream project.

A complete plan will bring together the various elements of your yard, from house to patio to gardens and trees. In addition, planning allows you to visua­lize the final results of your proposed project, saving you valuable time and money by avoiding costly “trial and error” mistakes and unexpected expenses.

After all, it is undeniably cheaper and less frustrating to make modifications on a sheet of paper than to do so on site once the work is in progress, or even worse, once the project has been completed!

Don’t Wait – Grow Your Ideas Now!

Now that the “secret” to achieving that forever beautiful landscape has finally been revealed, “when is the best time to begin” one might ask? Truth be known, the fall and winter is in fact, an excellent time of the year to take those first steps towards realizing the design of your dreamscape!

Why you ask?

The demand for professional landscape services has been “growing” at a tremendous rate. Reputable landscape design/build firms have already begun booking projects for spring and summer installation. Clients calling in the spring are disappointed to discover that they are in fact, already late.

Developing a landscape plan now allows you to efficiently researching your project materials and affords you the time to select and retain the services of a dependable and competent landscape professional. Moreover, pre-season planning allows greenhouses and nurseries to ensure that your desired plant selections are available early in the coming season and with the required sizes and quantities.

In the so called “off-season”, many landscape design/build firms and suppliers are more inclined to offer promotional pricing, including guaranteed pricing and project start dates into the following season. Besides the obvious cost savings, you benefit from a more stress free planning of your landscape.

Pre-season planning of your landscape project affords more time for the creative process between the client and the landscape designer, and allows adequate time for more thorough project revisions.

In fact, by planning your dream landscape now, you benefit from an increased appreciation of your landscape creation. With the potential for an early season installation, you have the advantage of maximum seasonal enjoyment from that new patio or deck, and can delight in the natural transformation of the sizes, shapes and the seemingly continual blooming of the various plants and perennials flourishing within your gardens.

When you think about it, what better way to pass those long, cold and dreary winter days, than to imagine the pleasure and happiness you will enjoy from the perfectly planned combination of colours, textures, sights, sounds and magnificent smells, emanating from your personal backyard space?


Contact our Design + Inspiration Centre today at 1-888-9PLANTE and discover how the Plantenance team of landscape designers and craftsmen can create your perfect, one of a kind, outdoor living escape.