5 Ultimate Relaxation Upgrades for Your Garden This Spring

 According to a recent Houzz Survey, home owners are looking to spend more time in their yard, as opposed to simply looking at it. From lower maintenance lawns to outdoor furniture, a good landscaper will help you ensure you put in less work, and get more enjoyment out of your outdoor escape.



1. Lawn Alternatives

Mowing the grass is not only a strain on ecological resources, but also on your back and on your precious weekend downtime. If a lush lawn isn’t high on your list of priorities, consider the following alternatives:

  • Hardscaping with paving stones or wood-decked relaxation areas
  • Long grass, succulent or low-maintenance plant beds
  • Artificial lawn (ProTip: especially useful if you have pups using the yard)


2. Fire It Up!

Camp fires bring us closer together, whether it be for a romantic evening or a family reunion… A fire pit or outdoor fireplace requires little maintenance if you have the proper safety measures in place, and is a great way to relax in your yard year-round!



3. Round the Clock Relaxation

If you’re not using outdoor lighting, you’re missing out on some serious landscaping know-how, as well as on some amazing ‘me time’. In addition to increasing safety and security, LED lighting creates that magazine-worthy curb appeal and allows you to enjoy your yard well after you’ve watched the sun set.


4. The Patter of Little Feet

Getting kids away from the digital era and playing outside these days is already difficult enough, but keeping them safe in the garden is just as important as keeping them entertained. Pool and yard fencing will ensure you can relax to the fullest while little ones expend their energy.


5. Outdoor Living

A few pieces of outdoor furniture can create a big, new room for your home, without needing a building permit. Add some overhead protection and some screening to enjoy the outdoors with some rain-proof privacy!


If you’re looking to enjoy your outdoor escape year-round, check us out at plantenance.com or give us a call at (514) 684-8235 or 1-888-9PLANTE. We’d love to do discuss your garden remodeling plans!


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