Small Front Yard, Big Curb Appeal

curb appeal

Homeowners, neighbours and homebuyers… We all judge a book by its cover.  It’s no wonder curb appeal has been ranked among the top rewarding investments in home remodels. If you have a small front yard, all the reason to make the most of it!

stacked wall

Source: Houzz

Dry stone walls. A low drystone wall is a durable way to showcase your home, adding substance to the front of your home without hiding it from sight. Plant some high shrubs behind it for privacy, and you won’t have to worry too much about flower beds.

Source: House@Heart

Source: House@Heart

Let it shine. Don’t forget the outdoor lighting; while this one is often overlooked, your home can still catch potential buyers’ eye after dusk. It’s also a great added security measure for your family.

Source: Plantenance

Source: Plantenance

Lead the way. A quality path is the cornerstone when it comes to creating curb appeal. Don’t skimp on the pros for this one; a warped stone path can create a tripping hazard, and many headaches down the line.

Source: Houzz

Source: Houzz

Add a focal point. Whether it’s a small seating area, a water feature, or a patch of cheery blooms, drawing passersby to your yard with a point of interest will invite them to give the rest of the home an inquisitive look.

It’s not always greener… Grass isn’t always the best way to go, unless you plan  on manicuring your lawn often. A lawn-free front yard can be a good alternative, with tall grasses, shrubs and stonework features giving it low-maintenance visual impact.

If you’re looking for someone to remodel your front yard, check us out at or give us a call at (514) 684-8235 or 1-888-9PLANTE. We’d love to do the hard work for you!


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