Top 5 Patio Trends for 2015

What’s hot in patios for 2015 (other than the weather, of course)? Here’s what your urban oasis needs to boost your relaxation to the next level.









1. Lanterns and lights

Rustic contemporary is huge this year, and lanterns are an easy way to add some old world charm to a remodelled yard, both during the day, and at night.








2. Stone and wood

Mixing and matching stone and wood is something we’ve got a lot of experience with – because it works well. The contrast adds focal interest, to a yard, and gives the impression of separate outdoor ‘rooms’.











3. Fire pits 

This meshes well with Canadian weather, and can be used year-round, so we’re glad outdoor fire pits are catching on (see what we did there?).










4. Wicker and Cloth
Sectionals are in this year, and we hope this trend is here to stay. If you’re not going with upholstered (you heard us) outdoor furniture, pile on the throws and cushions!








5. Outdoor Kitchens & Al Fresco Dining
Why slave over an outdoors-worthy meal from the indoors, when you can enjoy the process, basking in Vitamin D?  Cooking outdoors isn’t just an occasional BBQ phenomenon with this hot (literally) trend.


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