Top 5 Benefits of Booking your Landscaping Project in Winter


If you’re interested in quality landscaping and want to enjoy as much of next summer as possible, it is best to get an early start on design and planning. Reputable landscapers are always busiest in spring and summer, the main seasons for project installations. During these months, many would-be landscape investors are surprised to discover that their dreamscape cannot be developed as fast as they would like.


  1.  More time to refine: Pre-season planning of your landscape project affords you and our design team more time for the creative process. It gives you ample opportunity to explore design possibilities and research all aspects of your project including potential options, phased development and a wonderful variety of materials.

  3. Make the most of the season: By booking early, you make sure that your landscape will be built sooner and that you will be able to get most enjoyment from it during the upcoming warm seasons. An early start also gives your new plants more time to grow and flourish in their new environment before the cold weather sets in.

  5. Time and cost guarantees: During fall and winter, we are able to offer promotional pricing and guaranteed project start dates. Though Plantenance has an excellent reputation for meeting project start dates later in the summer, installation timing can be affected by unforeseen aspects like rained-out days, plant availabilities, city permit delays, etc.

  7. Getting the best selections: An early booking allows us to coordinate with greenhouses and nurseries to make sure that your desired plant selections will be available early in the ideal sizes and quantities for your project.

  9. Required permissions: Landscape projects often require city permits and some installations even require coordination with utility companies. Obtaining these permissions as early as possible prevents any unforeseen delays.

Contact us today at 1.999.9PLANTE or 1.888.975.2683 to book your project consultation at our Client Centre and discover how the Plantenance team of landscape designers and craftsmen can create your perfect outdoor living space.


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