After the Fall, Make Your Garden The Loveliest of Them All!

Winter blues bringing you down when you look outside and see nothing but grey and brown? Find safe haven in your garden; with a little planning, it can be as enchanting beneath a blanket of snow as it is beneath the summer sun!

Fairytale toolsheds are possible; maintain a clean exterior structure, and use it as a backdrop for a few fine-feathery grasses. These will give a softer texture to your garden, and will look lovely powdered with a fine layer of snow.

Arches, pergolas, pavilions and arbors Add height to your garden, and focus the eye towards a well-designed focal point, drawing it away from less decorated areas of the garden. If you are able to see through the frame, they will look ethereal in the frost, especially flanked with feathery long-grass and low shrubs.

Outdoor museum; sculptures and works of art will stand out even more in the wintertime. Make sure they are offset by shrubs or grasses, not hidden by them. Choose subdued tones, as too many bright colors may clash with the soft, natural colors surrounding them.

Take a seat; while you may not be as tempted to sit down to read a book in the winter time, a weather-protected bench can add panache to a garden. Hang a solar lantern above it, and it will create the illusion of relaxation without you having to brave the cold!

Leave room for your feathered friends! A few antique birdhouses in natural tones will add charm to a garden, while providing visiting birds with a place to weather the storm. Keep them close enough to the house so that you can casually observe their inhabitants.

Add a splash of red for visual interest. While keeping your yard in natural hues is a safe way to go, you may want to spruce it up a little with some Winterberry plants; these hardy shrubs will harbor bright red berries and attract even brighter birds to your yard during the icy season.

Bring the outdoors inside. Keep the exotic potted plants you’ve brought indoors as soon as the temperature dipped beneath 10ºC near windows. They’ll create a bright contrast to the white world outdoors, and they’ll benefit from the extra sunlight.

Looking to set up a garden as beautiful in the winter time as it is in the summer? Give us a call at Plantenance and it will be our pleasure to help!

(514) 684-8235 or 1-888-9PLANTE


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