7 Indoor Activities to Bring Outdoors This Fall

Because as Canadians, our parka-free days are numbered. While winter sports are fun, they’re not exactly outdoor entertaining or relaxation material. Here are a few ways to get creative this fall while enjoying the crisp, fresh air.


1. Fairy-tale ending (to summer)… Avid readers can still curl up under blankets, armed with their favourite book and a hot thermos of cider on sunny days.


2. Set up an outdoor cookout, Top Chef Style. Have guests bring ingredients for their award-winning warm salads and stage a little friendly competition while you fire up the grill.


3. Snuggling by the fireplace. Whether it’s for bed time stories with the children or a moment of quiet with your significant other, a crackling fire ups the ante. Fall weather means fewer bugs than in summertime too!

4. Backyard astronomy. Mark your calendars: October 8th 2014 will host a total lunar eclipse. In the meanwhile, pull out the star chart, some mulled wine, and enjoy an evening of constellation hunting!


5. Host a bike wash for the neighbourhood kids. Make sure bikes are put away for the winter clean, oiled and well-maintained by hosting a bike wash in your driveway or garage. Here’s the how-to guide on basic bike maintenance.


6. Invite people over for a S’mores Bar. With a few burners and some creativity, you can easily entertain guests of all ages with gooey treats. Throw in some hot chocolate and it’s a guaranteed hit!



7. Play outside. With football season fast approaching, round up the fans and set up an outdoor theater. Serve cold beer and hot snacks, and start off the night with some video games (bonus points if they are played with gloves or mittens on). Here’s a handy guide on how to set up an outdoor cinema.


What other activities would you add to the list? We at Plantenance love to know people are enjoying their backyards to the fullest!


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