Quiz Time : How Green Are Your Thumbs?

Time for mid-term  – how well do you know plants? Circle all that apply.



Quiz time:


  1. We can’t spell – which is correct for this wonderful summer flowering shrub?
    1. Wegelia
    2. Weigela
    3. They are both right….
  2. How much carbon dioxide does a mature tree absorb per year?
    1. Trees absorb CO2?
    2. 21 Kg
    3. Enough to support 2 humans
  3. Which best describes a good potting soil for patio pots and baskets?
    1. Fluffy and light to handle water and air
    2. I just steal dirt from the veggie patch
    3. 2 parts hot manure – 1 part sand
    4. Top soil bought by the cubic meter
  4. Plant food comes in which form?
    1. Organic food, like manure
    2. Granular chemical form
    3. Liquid chemical form
    4. Bonus answer – Fish emulsion (which is just fun to say out loud… )
  5. Hydrangea is a flower than can turn blue if you do what to the plant?
    1. Add lime to the soil to raise pH
    2. Add aluminum sulfate to the soil to lower pH
    3. Only grow on north side of house
    4. Pour blue tinted plant food on plant every 2 weeks
  6. True or False – Mature shade trees planted near a home can reduce air conditioning costs by 30%,
  7. A typical lawn of 15 square meters does what?
    1. Captures dust and airborne particles
    2. Releases enough oxygen every day for a family of four
    3. Filters rainwater and reduces runoff
    4. Enhances property value
  8. Best way to deal with weeds in the garden is to?
    1. Apply a mulch of organic matter
    2. Apply a mulch of biodegradable plastic film
    3. Pull by hand – especially when they are small and easy to pull
    4. Grow all your plants in raised beds so you can weed while sipping Merlot
  9. What is a ‘healthy’ amount of tree cover for a ‘green’ city or town?
    1. 10% tree cover – we like concrete sidewalks
    2. 80% tree cover – think lost cities in Amazon rain forest
    3. 40% tree cover creates healthy outdoor living spaces
  10. What a dumb quiz – where are the real questions like how to divide my Iris or whichhydrangeas re-bloom or what is the best feed required for patio pots?
    1. That quiz will be for extra credit and we will give at the end of summer
    2. It’s a long weekend this weekend – who has time for quizzes anyway?  Happy Canada Day!!



  1. – b) is correct – but we still pronounce it as a) – but we are working on that….
  2. – b) and c) – yup – we like OXYGEN
  3. – a) you only use dirt from the veggie patch once  – as it will stunt your basket and patio pot plants – always use a fluffy mix
  4. – All of the above – We love Fish Emulsion : it’s organic and slow acting. In combination with bone meal mixed into the soil, you get an excellent balance.
  5. – b) is blue – a) is pink – c) and d) are a little silly
  6. – True – and a lawn will cool the home too… Amazing what plants can do!
  7. – All of the above – Lawns will quiet down a neighbourhood to boot!
  8. – While we prefer d), all of the above will work
  9. c) a great goal is 40% tree cover
  10. – all of the above 

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