Tiny Gardens, Big Dreams

Just as tiny homes are gaining in popularity, home owners are investing in their city gardens, refusing to neglect them based on size. Whether it be a balcony or a diminutive plot of land, everyone is entitled to step out into the fresh air of their own oasis!


Balcony, balcony, wherefore art thou, balcony?

The best things come in small packages, they say. While you may prefer having a huge yard to gallivant in, don’t scoff at your balcony; it can become a tiny relaxation hub, rather than just a place to store your recycling bins!

1. Make happy feet by putting down borders and filling them with river stones. You can also add a weather-proof carpet or wooden slats, which are sold at dollar stores.


2. Look up! An unobtrusive trellis lets sunlight in, while leaving room to grow for a vine alcove, which will provide shade as well as block out noise and air pollution.



3. Use your space wisely; a slat wall can make your balcony look more elegant, as well as display your potted plant collection out of harm’s way.



4. Don’t overlook storage; a low commode can store your garbage bins or your gardening tools out of sight, and provide seating or counter space as well.



5. Lighting can make or break a space (need we say more? If so, we have an entire blog post dedicated to DIY lighting for your outdoor space).



A garden is a garden, no matter how small

While it may sometimes seem as though your garden is too small for anything but a few strides with a lawnmower, you can still create a personal outdoor haven out of it. Stand aside, wobbly plastic patio set, we’ve got some small, but powerful landscaping techniques for you!


1. Divide and conquer; using elongated shapes, organic shapes can create the illusion of space in a long and narrow garden. 




2. Make it a jungle; if you enjoy gardening and have the time to do so, filling your garden with a variety of plants will add interest, texture and colour, creating a cozy, luxuriant environment.



3. The sideyard is often neglected for bigger spaces, but put the walls to good use (one side as a living wall of greenery and the other as cascading water feature, perhaps?) and you’re in business!



4. Clean and cozy; elongated lines, such as stone-work, the beautifully-groomed hedging and even the lawn chairs give this neat little yard the illusion of space. 



5. No sacrifices; this patio has a full-blown water feature, professional lighting and staggered layers. Small doesn’t necessarily mean meager. 




Not sure where to start to make your big landscaping dreams happen? We can help (we’ve even put pools in smaller yards, as you can see below!), so call us toll-free at : 1-888-9PLANTE (1-888-975-2683).



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