Gorgeous Ways to Light Up Your Outdoor Paradise

Lighting can set the mood in any room, and your outdoor living space, while often forgotten, is no exception. Now, while having a landscaping expert counsel you on and install your lighting is sure to make a sparkling and lasting impression, you may have planned to spend your budget on a pergola or a water feature instead.

Fear not, we’ve assembled a few do-it-yourself ideas, ranging from whimsical to serene, for you to try out.


1. Glowing Orbs

Orbs have a certain magical quality to them; reminiscent of the moon, they’ll bathe your water feature or your hidden nooks in your yard in soft, glowing light.

What’s more, the talented Karen has the full tutorial on her site, The Art Of Doing Stuff, which tells you how to make them out of glass shades, tangled white Christmas lights (finally, a use for them!) and a bit of elbow grease for 3$.



2. The Reading Light

Who doesn’t indulge in the simple pleasure of settling into a comfortable chair, sipping a favourite warm beverage and reading a good book? The addition of this adorable table lamp will make any corner of your patio or garden feel like the biggest living room in the world, and add a touch of originality to your yard.

This ridiculously easy to assemble idea comes from an old lamp, a solar-powered landscape lamp and a pretty lamp shade.


3. Light The Way

There’s nothing worse than stubbing your toe on a rock or realizing you’ve stepped all over the hostas the morning after an evening of outdoor entertainment.

Keep your steps on the straight and narrow (or on the curved and winding, it that’s how you like your paths) with water-proof rope lighting set to a timer on the edge of your walkways, porch or steps.

Source: Buzzfeed

4. Candle-Lit Evenings

Candles are easy to replace and add a touch of luxury and romance anywhere you put them. Scour thrift stores for lanterns of different shapes and sizes and display them on the steps to the back yard to make a beautiful display, day and night.

Bonus, think of all the wishes you will get by blowing them all out!


5. Arabian Nights

Set the scene for a luxurious evening with an assortment of colorful Moroccan lights. Whether you hang them from tree branches or from a tent canopy, make sure you get a varied assortment, as the best effect is achieved with the different colors and patterns they splash onto their surroundings.


6. Classy Candelabra

A chandelier hung from a tree branch will transform a quaint bistro table into a majestic al-fresco dining experience. A little bit of help from tutorial by the lovely Tammy Malone at Not Just Paper & Glue and you’re ready to uncork the champagne.



7. Lounging Lights

What could be more relaxing than a mid-day siesta on a hammock, shaded by a gently rustling canopy of greenery? A mid-evening siesta on a hammock, bathed in the gentle glow of (untangled) Christmas lights. Add a few outdoors speakers, prop up your feet and enjoy a cold one!



8. Candle in a Cage

You’ll often find pretty wire bird cages online. Find a few rounded ones, and fill with succulents, place a mason jar with a tea light inside, and you have yourself a sweet and original way to light your garden.

Bonus tip: to avoid opening the cage and displacing the succulents, light the candle with a piece of uncooked spaghetti.



9. Christmas Lights Revisited

While this trick will only work in the wintertime, it’s a fun craft to do for adults and children alike, and will surely make a striking holiday decor (plus, you won’t have to deal with tangled Christmas lights for this one).

Get the video tutorial here and use battery-operated tea candles to make a stunning walk-way decoration.

 10. Go Pro

For certain projects, like pool lighting or built-in porch lighting, calling a landscaper will save you a lot of time and energy, not to mention electrical shocks. Discuss which aspects of your nightscaping should preferably be handled by your landscaper and which ones can be done by you.



Schwan 23_1 (2)

Project by Plantenance


If you liked our article, or have any questions concerning outdoor lighting for you personal outdoor oasis, contact us at (514) 684-8235 or by email at create@plantenance.com.


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