Garden Styles; How To Match Your Yard To Your Personality

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

– William Morris

 Home is a wondrous place, where you can kick back, relax and be yourself. You surround yourself with the people you love and the experiences you enjoy. It only stands to reason that your yard should be an extension of your home; after all, there is nothing more therapeutic than enjoying a moment of quiet and beauty in nature.
Ensuring that you yard reflects and embraces who you are and what you love plays a big part in how much enjoyment you’ll get out of it. We’ve put together a list of ‘garden personalities’ to inspire you.


The Roamer’s Garden

Given half a chance, you’ll point on a map and pack your bags accordingly before catching a plane. You’re adventurous, daring, curious and love new sights. You’re known to always have an exciting project underway; in fact, if you’re still for too long, people start inquiring about your health.

Make sure there is as much to explore in your garden as there is in your life; your yard should be an experience in and of itself!

Source: Csmufo

Source: Csmufo

Exotic Flora Intersperse your garden with a few exotic plants that remind you of your travels; keep them in pots so you can bring them in when the weather gets rough.

Source: FHgitarre

Source: mconnors




Worldly Decor Use items you’ve collected from around the world to create a sensory experience, bring back memories and create points of interest.




Winding Paths Just as you enjoy taking the path less traveled by in your voyages, your garden’s paths shouldn’t be all linear. Branch off by creating areas of interest all around your garden.




The Zen Master’s Garden

You wake up before everyone else in the household in order to drink in the peace and quiet of the wee hours. You don’t mind being alone; in fact, it allows you to observe all the wonders that nature has to offer, to daydream at your leisure and to sort out your thoughts at your own pace.

Make your garden a haven of tranquility into which you can retire and let nature wash away the hustle and bustle of your day.


Source : Wikipedia

Source : Wikipedia

Simplicity is key A clean, well-kept garden minimizes stress and creates the right frame of mind in which to relax and be at ease. Ensure your garden demands minimal upkeep and has pure, pleasing lines to encourage tranquil thought.



zen garden bonzai

Source : kconnors

Meditative activities While gardening is itself a meditative activity, have various, light activities to keep your hands occupied while your thoughts fly free. Many zen gardens have raked sand areas and bonzai trees for this very reason.




Koi PondWater feature The sound of running water invites quietude and provides a beautiful background noise, and a seat next to a koi pond invites the most profound state or relaxation, as long as you are willing to bring them inside during the winter months.


The Socialite’s Garden

If there’s a party in town, there’s a good chance you’ve got something to do with it. Entertaining guests comes naturally to you and you’re always surrounded by loved ones, whether it’s a low-key al-fresco supper or a full-out summer BBQ bash!

Bringing the party outdoors is a wonderful way to ensure you have room for more guests (and have less to clean before and after).


Design by Plantenance

Design by Plantenance

Have a seat Ensuring your guests have somewhere to gather round and chat, whether it’s a fire pit, an outdoor living room or a gazebo, is a great way to ensure everyone is comfortable -including yourself, when the party is over.

Design by Plantenance

Design by Plantenance

Outdoor kitchen Spend more time outdoors with your guests instead of slaving away indoors; a little more counter space around the grill, a sink and a small refrigerator on your patio can make a big difference, and it’s a great conversation piece.


Source: Wonderlane

Source: Wonderlane

Outdoor lighting The proper outdoor lighting not only adds a touch of the dramatic to your parties, but also ensures the safety of your guests.


The Growing Family Garden

Soccer practice, piano lessons, family supper… Those are the things you value. Your family life is primordial, and you ensure your children are active, safe and happy.

Your garden is a great opportunity to share some quality family time and interact with those you love.


Source: Melodi2

Source: Melodi2

Source : Houzz

Source : Houzz

Safety first While your garden is a great place for children to let out energy, learn about nature and get some fresh air, ensure all features in your garden have age-appropriate security features; an elegant gate surrounding the pool can prevent them from falling in while adding a touch of class, and a beautiful door with a latch keeps them from wandering away while adding some privacy to the yard.





Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Children at play Get creative when it comes to adding play areas in the yard. An in-ground trampoline looks nicer than an above-ground one, and adds safety to play time.





Teach and learn The great outdoors is one great science experiment to children. Help them observe insects, teach them about flowers and encourage them to help with garden chores. In fact, children who have responsibilities when it comes to vegetable patches are more likely to eat their vegetables!


Perhaps you are one of these garden personalities or a combination of several. What’s your garden personality?



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