The Seed Collector’s Insanity (Tips And Tricks For Starting Your Seeds)

If you haven’t begun seeding yet, Crazy Green Thumb’s well-written post will give you -literally – everything you need to know on how to get started.

Crazy Green Thumbs

There are very few things I have accepted are just a part of being me and will remain unchanged, here they are:

I can’t stop Bermuda grass, therefore: I hate it.

I am solar powered: sunshine is a necessity for me.

The saying: “You are only as happy as your least happy child” is the most honest comment ever uttered. Lastly:

I need a 12 step program for my obsessive seed collecting.

No. Really. I need help!

SAMSUNG Before organization.

To be fair, I have seed from when I lived in Colorado and most of it doesn’t like Texas. I was also on a seed train where we sent seed around all over the country and shared our favorites for the price of postage (I haven’t been on it for the last two years.) I am also known to strip seeds or starts from plants I like at the zoo or…

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