7 Reasons You’ll Love Lawn-Free Yards (And Why The Planet Will Thank You)

It’s the American Dream… A stretch of beautifully manicured lawn growing as far as the eye can see (or at least, till the end of your property), surrounding your home in a soft sea of greenery.

But when it comes to maintenance, the result of having grassy knolls in your yard can quickly become less idyllic.. Here are a few reasons to consider an alternative approach to grass.


1. Less Of A Pain In The Back… Literally.

While it is satisfying to sit back and admire a freshly-mowed lawn, it’s a little less enjoyable when you have to get up on a precious weekend morning to mow it yourself. If mowing, weeding, spraying and raking your lawn is a meditative activity you enjoy doing, then perhaps a lawn-free yard isn’t for you… If you’re already groaning at the thought of it, it might be time to consider a lower-maintenance yard.

Ready? Set? Mow!

Ready? Set? Mow!

Eco Bonus: Less spraying and mowing means a happier, less polluted environment.

2. More Accessories!

While you don’t need to justify the desire to have your outdoor retreat include a fire pit, a gazebo, a pool, a hot tub, a water feature, or all of the above, they all require a bit of upkeep. Best spend your time, energy and resources on something you can actively enjoy.

Unless rolling down grassy knolls is your idea of relaxation.

Unless rolling down grassy knolls is your idea of relaxation. Source: Woodley Wonder Works.

Eco Bonus: Get energy-star devices for feel-good relaxation.

3. Water Works

With some cities enforcing watering schedules, not to mention bans during droughts, watering your lawn to keep it greener on your side of the fence has become a matter of planning beyond what it used to be. Less grass means less watering, and avoiding getting caught in sprinkler cross-fire while getting your morning paper.


If it feels like an analogy for watering your lawn, you may enjoy a grass-free yard. Source: EyeCatch7

Eco Bonus : Considering the average sprinkler can use as much as 19 liters of water per minute, you’re saving a lot of H2O by reducing water usage.

3. Breathe… It’s Just Allergy Season

Dreading allergy season is bad enough, but suffering from a runny nose and itchy eyes when you’re supposed to be enjoying a good sun-soaking on your own property is even worse. Replacing your lawn with allergy-friendly flora, like begonias, daffodils, periwinkle, azaleas and red maple,  can help you actually regain your enjoyment of the outdoors.

Just going to mow the lawn, Honey...

Just going to mow the lawn, Honey…

Eco Bonus : You’ll now appreciate the outdoors a little more, and that’s always a good thing!

4. Walk The Talk

While you may not be the type to scream at youngsters to get off your lawn, grass suffers from too much foot traffic. Ground cover plants, like moss, creeping perennials, and succulents are more resistant than grass, tend to be more colorful, and release a nice scent when stepped on, making for an attractive and lasting footpath.


Creeping thyme has a striking purple color that matches up well with green succulents.

Eco Bonus : Hardier plants require less maintenance to keep bright and healthy.

5. Mineral vs. Vegetal

Tempted by a zen garden or some stonework? When done professionally, they’ll add an air of purity and sophistication to your garden, and mossy accent stones are always a good way to add some greenery without the hassle.

So much more fun to rake than wet leaves!

So much more fun to rake than wet leaves! Source: Flickr

Eco Bonus : Stones offer an underground home to all types of wonderful insects, but unlike grass, you’ll never have to see them if you don’t want to.

6. No-Mow Grass

If you like the idea of grass, but don’t like the maintenance, you can plant several varieties of ornamental grass in your yard, such as bee balm, burnets, and coneflowers. Plant different textures together for a hypnotizing effect when the wind passes through them.

Ornamental Grass

Blue oat grass: no more dirty looks from persnickety neighbors when you haven’t mowed your lawn!  Source: Flickr

Eco Bonus : Long grasses usually involve very low maintenance and make great mulch at the end of the season.

7. Go Synthetic

Now more realistic than ever, this long-lasting, weather-resistant ground cover is  a great alternative to living on a golf course. It’s also pet-friendly, draining better than real grass and is stain-resistant. For those with severe allergies, it’s the ideal way to incorporate the beauty of a lawn without the painful side-effects.

Ez-Grass is backed by a 10-year manifacturers’ warranty and while it may initially be more costly than sod, it requires little maintenance and should pay for itself in the long run.

Plantenance is a certified distributor of ez-grass, so if you’re considering synthetic lawn on your turf, we’d be glad to give you all the information you require. To visit the ez-grass website, click the image below.

Source: ez-grass.ca

Eco Bonus : Unless you’re using a push-mower, you’ll be saving quite a bit on energy resources.


What are your thoughts on no-grass lawns? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’re planning a no-lawn or no-grass yard this year, and we’d be glad to help your determine what lawn will suit your ‘haven of relaxation’ needs! Click here to ask us questions, let us know what you think of our blog, or just say hello!


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