So you’ve finally decided to landscape your property. Maybe you’ve recently purchased a new home and don’t know where to begin, especially if your present yard consists of nothing mare than miscellaneous building debris, assorted rocks and just plain dirt.

Or perhaps you’re still somewhat uncertain as to what to do with the so-called “Landscaping” that you unwillingly inherited from the previous owners.

The secret to any truly successful landsca­pe project, one that adds to the enjoyment of your home and pro­perty by making it more attractive and functional, but can actually enhance the value of your home investment, is to first prepare a landscape design plan.

While it is true that most people who have some form of gardening experience are capa­ble of designing their own landscape with generally positive results, few homeowners possess enough knowledge and experience in creative design, horticulture, construction, soil sciences and site surveying, to effectively make the most of a given site.

When you consider that a well crafted landscape design or plan is crucial to the success of entire landscaping process, it is advisable to consult with a professional such as a landscape architect, design/build firm or designer, to provide you with a set of finished drawings, plant lists or construction details appropriate for your particular dream project. 

A complete plan will bring together the various elements of your yard, from house to patio to gardens and trees. In addition, planning allows you to visua­lize the final results of your proposed project, saving you valuable time and money by avoiding costly “trial and error” mistakes and unexpected expenses.

 After all, it is undeniably cheaper and less frustrating to make modifications on a sheet of paper than to do so on site once the work is in progress, or even worse, once the project has been completed!

 Don’t Wait-Grow Your Ideas Now!

Now that the “secret” to achieving that forever beautiful landscape has finally been revealed, “when is the best time to begin” one might ask? Truth be known, the fall is in fact, an excellent time of the year to take those first steps towards realizing the design of your dreamscape! Why you ask?

  • The demand for professional landscape services has been “growing” at a tremendous rate. Reputable landscape design/build firms have already begun booking projects for spring and summer installation. Clients calling in the spring are disappointed to discover that they are in fact, already late.


  • Developing a landscape plan now allows you to efficiently researching your project materials and affords you the time to select and retain the services of a dependable and competent landscape professional. Moreover, pre-season planning allows greenhouses and nurseries to ensure that your desired plant selections are available early in the coming season and with the required sizes and quantities.  


  • In the so called “off-season”, many landscape design/build firms and suppliers are more inclined to offer promotional pricing, including guaranteed pricing and project start dates into the following season. Besides the obvious cost savings, you benefit from a more stress free planning of your landscape.


  • Pre-season planning of your landscape project affords more time for the creative process between the client and the landscape designer, and allows adequate time for more thorough project revisions.


  • In fact, by planning your dream landscape now, you benefit from an increased appreciation of your landscape creation. With the potential for an early season installation, you have the advantage of maximum seasonal enjoyment from that new patio or deck, and can delight in the natural transformation of the sizes, shapes and the seemingly continual blooming of the various plants and perennials flourishing within your gardens.


When you think about it, what better way to pass those long, cold and dreary winter days, than to imagine the pleasure and happiness you will enjoy, from the combination of colours, textures, sights, sounds and magnificent smells, from your soon to be, planned summer dreamscape?



Contact our Client Centre today and discover how the Plantenance team of landscape designers and craftsmen can create your perfect outdoor living space.








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