What’s hot when it Comes to Landscape!



The American Society of Landscape Architects’(ASLA’s) annual Residential Landscape Trends Survey reveals that fire pits/fireplaces and grills remain hot items this year, along with terraces patios and decks.  For the survey, landscape architects who specialize in residential design were asked to rate the expected popularity of various residential outdoor design elements in 2013.

We compared the data with 2012’s survey to identify the items with the greatest change in popularity over last year.

Not surprisingly, the following elements remain in demand, ranking in the 90th percentile on popularity:

    Terraces / patios/ decks (97.6)

–     Fire pits/ fireplaces (97)

–          Grills (96.3)

–          Seating /dining areas (96.3)

–          Lighting (95.1)

–          Outdoor living spaces (kitchens, entertainment spaces) (94.5)

–          Gardens / landscaped spaces (94.4)

–          Low-maintenance landscapes (93.9)

–          Installed seating (benches, seat walls, ledges, steps, boulders) (90.3)



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