Your November Gardening Check List

You may think it’s too late to do anything about your garden in November, however there is much to do in your garden and around your property this month.  Here is your November Gardening Check List

Check List for Entire Garden

-Amend the soil
-Ready the garden for winter
-Design a landscaping plan (We can help you with that!)
-Take gardening course
-Store gardening tools

Check List for Trees, Shrubs and Evergreens

-Install winter protection
-Rake up and use dead leaves

Check list for your Roses

-Protect roses for the winter

Check list for Perennials and Hardy Bulbs 

-Protect perennials for the winter
-Order seed catalogues

Check List for Annuals and Non Hardy Bulbs

-Lift frost-damaged annuals
-Order seed catalogues

Have questions about your garden? let us know or contact us, we’ll be happy to help you!

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